My experience with coding up until last week was seeing it in t.v. shows and movies. It had always seemed like an ominous topic and I thought you needed to be a genius to do it. I learned that coding can be difficult but it is also very manageable and can be a great tool to incorporate into classrooms. Because this was my first time using Code, it took a bit of playing around with to figure out what I was doing. At first I struggled understanding how it was relevant to the classroom, especially at a secondary level, however I discovered that much of it involved angle relationships, which is applicable at the high school level.

This was also my first time doing a screencast, I have to apologize because the first part of my screencast seems to have disappeared somewhere into the universe, however I do have the second and third part of my screencast.

Like I said earlier I did struggle to see how you could incorporate coding into the classroom, I do think it is possible, but I still believe it is more relevant at an elementary level.


7 thoughts on “Coding

  1. I couldn’t agree more with you on not knowing how to incorporate this into the classroom. Perhaps this is something I need to dig a bit deeper into. I mean I guess I could see using it in math but what about the other subjects. Is it possible to incorporate coding into english, science, social etc? I think art would be the only one I felt comfortable incorporating coding into. I also think it would be really neat with the outcomes you got!

    1. I think it requires really knowing the curriculum to find where coding could be incorporated. I agree that you could use it in an art classroom, but I also do not know about English, Science, or Social. This might be one of those times where having a mentor who is familiar with the curriculum might be nice, you could collaborate with them to help find areas where it would work!

  2. I feel that I’m in the same vote as you as in terms of having difficulty trying to figure out how to incorporate it into secondary courses. I also believe that it is a lot easier to integrate it into elementary courses. During my pre-internship, my co-op teacher was having his gr. 9 math students use Mine Craft as he was teaching them about scale factoring.

    1. I think it would really take knowing the curriculum to find out how to incorporate it into a secondary level class. However like I had said in my post there are a lot of angle relationships that occur while coding, which fits into many aspects of the curriculum. using Mine Craft for scale factoring would be a great idea. Do you think using coding in order to teach scale factoring was effective?

  3. I’m sorry Lydia but I am dying laughing. I watched your first screen cast titled Coding 4 and you would keep changing the littlest thing and all of a sudden your guy would go off and do it’s own little thing. Your frustrated sighs didn’t help either haha. You definitely chose a much harder hour of code level then I did! What I really liked about coding is the problem solving aspect of it. You have to think many steps ahead before you act out what you want to do.

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