What do others know about you?

With all of the facets of the internet it is very easy to discover information about an individual. In this week’s ECMP 455 class within a matter of 15 minutes we were able to find plenty of personal information about people, such as, where they work, age, addresses, and hobbies. Cybersleuthing is defined as “a person who does any kind of detective work using the internet.” It can be an eery feeling to know that so much of yourself is available to the world. For example, when Googling my own name my facebook account was the fourth account listed and my blog was the 9th result listed on Google.

Due to the fact that so much information can be available to employers, students, peers and complete strangers it is important to establish and maintain a professional digital identity. We need to be aware of what we post, tweet and blog about, and we also need to be aware of what others are posting about us. A lot of people think they are invisible because the have the highest privacy setting available, unfortunately it is very easy to get around these privacy settings. As Katia Hildebrant  demonstrated to our ECMP 455 and ECMP 355 classes, and with her post The Curious Case of Srkj Rife, “Victim”-Turned-Harasser, within less than an hour you can easily find a lot of inforamtionnabout a person, good or bad.

Ironically when I google the term Cybersleuthing the majority of the information that comes up is about Digimon. However this cannot make you naive to the power of the internet, thus it is important to be aware of how you are represented on the internet, because people will search for you, and it is in your power to either show them a positive or negative picture.

2 thoughts on “What do others know about you?

  1. Hi Lydia,
    I will admit to Cybersleuthing. Most of my sleuthing has been done through Facebook, and it is often a quick and easy way to find out where a person is from and what their interests are.
    As we are nearing graduation, I have become very aware of how I am perceived online because as you mentioned, potential employers will also be looking. I too have Googled my name, and so far the main searches involve my career as a CIS volleyball player.
    You mentioned that your blog and Facebook account were in your top ten searches. What do you think would be better – if people were able to find a lot of information on you, or if you were almost impossible to find? Which would you prefer, and why?

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