Are we hiding behind our phones?

I recently came across a meme on Facebook that said “90’s kids Christmas wishlists: sled, baseball bat, and skateboard vs a kid born in the 2000’s: IPhone, Xbox, and tablet.” I would argue that there are many kids who know more about technology then myself, are kids becoming too reliant on their phones, and laptops? Now I am aware that I too spend a lot of time on my phone or on the internet, I mean who can resist Netflix… But I am also becoming aware of how much I miss when my face is glued to a screen. We need to find a healthy balance between using technology and not using technology, inside and outside of the classroom.

Our students spend hours on their devices, it is important as educators to show students how to use those devices when in school to help support their learning, because I think that some technology is  a good thing! There are many great tools online that we as educators can use to improve the learning of our students and help students meet the curricular outcomes. However I think many young people are too attached to technology, with all the social media outlets our students are constantly refreshing their phones to see what everyone is doing. Is the constant need to see what is happening on social media distracting students from what is happening right in front of them?

As educators we are encouraged to use more technology in our classrooms. I believe there are many benefits of using technology. But I also think it is important to teach young people social skills and teach them that sometimes the best tool is the person sitting next to them.


2 thoughts on “Are we hiding behind our phones?

  1. I think you make a very good point that we need to do more to teach our students social skills. I have seen too often (and I know I have been guilty of it too) that when we encounter a problem on an assignment, or whatever the task may be, and we don’t know the answer to the question our first thought is to type it into Google. I believe we need to teach our students the social skills needed to interact with others because sometimes the best/right answer can’t be found on the internet, but with the person/friend/classmate sitting next them. They just need to know how to ask for help.

  2. I like incorporating social media sites and even a class website for teaching. However, I do agree that there is a time and place for the use of technology. I always joke around with my friends that they don’t listen to half the things I say because they are on their phone so I might as well just text them even thought they are a few feet from me. With that being said, if students are on their phones what are the chances they are actually listening to what you are saying! Most of the time pretty slim. Often we use technology without realizing the capability of our students.

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