Self-Directed Learning

Kelly Walsh, recently made a post called “The YouTube Guide to Self-Directed Learning” on the blog, Self-directed learning is where the individual takes the initiative and responsibility for what occurs. In the blog post it states, “If we can get students to take greater ownership of their learning, we are achieving something so much more important than high test scores. We are making an impact.¬†An inspiring goal for many educators is to light the spark that will motivate students to take charge of their learning, and leverage the amazing resources available to them today.” This has been a huge topic in my education, more and more teachers are trying to get away from the traditional teaching model, and move towards inquiry based activities. If we can help students become in charge of their own learning we are helping them prepare for events that can occur later in their lives.

There are four stages to the Self- Directed learning model, they are:

self-directed learning
From: Classroom Aid

Moving towards self-directed learning does not mean we are leaving all the responsibility on the students, we still need to incorporate different teaching strategies and assess the progress that is occurring. What it does do however, is allow the students to hold more responsibility for their learning. If we can engage our students we are eliminating a lot of classroom management and spending more time creating an equitable classroom environment. As the Teacher we take on the role as a coach, we have to help guide our students and teach them the skills to become self-directed learners.


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