ECMP 455 Blog Prompt #1

I think technology can play a crucial role in today’s classrooms. Almost all students have cellphones, so it is in the teachers best interest to show the students how to use them for educational purposes rather than as something that could be a distraction. I also think students are very receptive to technology when it comes to learning, if we can show them new and engaging ways to learn it makes classroom management a much easier task.

On the website: ( it says that the 10 guiding principles for using technology in the classroom are:

  1. Adding value
  2. A pedagogical focus
  3. Quality
  4. Sustainability
  5. Access
  6. Scalability
  7. Sharing
  8. Choice
  9. Continuous, lifelong learning
  10. Customization

Based on my experience from Internship, I would agree with all of these points. It is important as educators to know your learners and therefore scale your lesson to meet their needs, while meeting the curricular outcomes.

During internship I tried to explore multiple sources of technology. The classroom I was in had a Mimio, which is similar to a Smart board. I used this everyday whether it was to display notes our to use different websites. One of the websites I found to be particularly useful, was Geogebra. Geogebra is a great website that students can use on tablets or in a computer lab, it allows students to explore different topics while using an inquiry style lesson.

For the most part I learn about good technologies through conversation with others, whether it was my cooperating teacher, other staff members from the school I interned at, or from my fellow classmates.I had never used twitter before, however based on last weeks class, I could see myself using this as a resource in the classroom and for my own personal learning.


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