Week One of ECS 410

Today’s class was a way of introduction to what we should be expecting throughout the course of this semester. We got to view practices being put into action, for example diagnostic assessment. There were several times throughout the class where we were able to view different forms of diagnostic assessment. We were also introduced to assessment for, as, and of learning. My take from these three types of assessment was that assessment for learning seems to be a bit more definitive if you as an educator make it that way. Often times assessment for learning is evaluated by giving an examination. Whereas assessment as, and of learning seem to be things that are continually worked on, and developed throughout a unit and a year, and these types of assessments seem to have more room for improvement. We were given a scope of what to expect throughout the semester and I look forward to learning about different forms of assessment and how I can apply what I will learn in this course, to my future career as an educator.


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