Week Four of ECS 410

Today’s class focused on intervention first. Its focus is to fulfill the vision that all children will learn, based on a three tier approach. I think this is crucial in schools, because it allows the teacher to know the needs of students in order to help them be successful in school. The hope would be that all students could be within tier one, but that is just not realistic, therefore intervention first is designed to help differentiate instruction and work towards helping students succeed. One thing I am curious about is how it is determined whether a student would be under the category of tier one or two. It was mentioned in class that it can often be a blurry line, so my question would be how you go about determining this and who is involved in making that determination.

Regina public school website has a lot of valuable information regarding Intervention first. http://www.rbe.sk.ca/intervention_first. It also shows all of the students engagement and students achievements that we went over in class.

Another topic discussed was the Dylan Wiliams video. I liked a lot of different aspects of his video. For example the whiteboards. I think they would be very useful in a math class, because it allows students give an answer without the pressure of answering incorrectly in front of their peers, also it is a quick way of assessing where the students are at. I think the white boards could fall under a diagnostic assessment, because it is a quick visual of where students are, but it also is a good way of formative assessment. One thing I did not like about the video was the secret students, I think it could result in a lot of peer pressure, and I think it would only be effective if students were motivated. However, that motivation would stem from a reward that students are getting, so we would be teaching students that if they only need to be respectful to get a reward in the end. Dylan Wiliams brought up a lot of good techniques that could easily be incorporated into the classroom. There would need to be some moderation of how many strategies would be used, so I think that is where knowing your learners is important in order to use a strategy that would be effective.


One thought on “Week Four of ECS 410

  1. I like the idea of the three tier approach. I think so often in our education classes we talk about the gap between student ability being so present in every classroom. We know that we need to accommodate for these students but this is the first real system I have heard of that we can use.
    In terms of the video with Dylan Williams I completely agree with you on the whiteboard idea, it was also my favourite idea he presented. I think math and science classrooms would be extremely easy to implement the use of the whiteboards as there are a lot of problems that can be easily depicted on the boards. I do wonder though how an English teacher might use them, perhaps in a grammar lesson?

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