Hidden Lessons

When writing my autobiography, addressing, race, gender, and sexuality were not even topics that crossed my mind as something to write. I don’t think I thought of them because I would not place myself in the “other” category. I am a straight, white woman, who has not faced discrimination because I am not in the “other” category. I cannot not relate to many students because of this, however as a teacher I  will do everything in my power to help students who are facing discrimination and provide them with the support that they may need.

I think we need to bring awareness in the classroom of what is going on in society. If we do not talk about these issues and create an open dialogue then nothing will ever get solved. If we can create a safe environment where our students feel like they can talk about these issues and discuss the implications associate with them, then I think as teachers we have provided our students with a learning experience that is very beneficial and will help them realize ways they may discriminated against others.


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