Response to: Dr. Ann Kipling Brown Presentation, and Rebecca Frick and Christa Schmelinsky Presentation

Dr. Ann Kipling Brown talked about how to incorporate technology into the classroom. Some examples of ways she is incorporating technology into Arts ED is through the website Her presentation was very good, and it showed a lot of fun ways technology can be used in different types of education. Through the website students can create their own dance routine on the computer, then use it in the classroom to perform it themselves. Another website she showed us was, which is a website that has the backgrounds and history of different artists. I thought Dr. Ann Kipling Brown’s presentation was very good and even though the information given was very interesting it does not pertain to what I would like to teach. However, it was very interesting to see new ways technology can be used in different forms of education.

Rebecca Frick and Christa Schmelinsky talked about different ways they incorporate technology in the classroom, some programs they use are Emodo. Edmodo is a program that students can use to interact with the teacher, it is a sight online that students set accounts on. Also parents can have accounts on it , so they can be aware of what is going on in the classroom. Edmodo is fairly similar to Facebook, but it allows for a safe educational environment that the students can use. Some highlights of Edmodo are the calendar options, where the class upcoming events can be put up to view. Another great thing it allows for is teachers being able to upload the assignments by the teacher for the students to download, also there are online quizzes students can use. One of the great things about the quizzes, is the results are automatically given so it eliminated marking for the teacher. Another great thing these teachers use are blogs. They allow the students to blog about their class, an example given is students blogging for parents teacher interviews, which allows the parents to see their kids blogs while doing the interview. Another program the talked about is smart response  smart response is a way for students to answer questions using a controller, and all the information is automatically calculated for the teacher. They also provided great advice about using technology, some things they told us was to always have a backup plan when using technology because sometimes problems do occur and you do not want to be left with nothing to do. This presentation was very good, many of the programs they showed, I would like to use in the future. I think these programs are great ways for students to interact with the teacher, and also they are a very good way to incorporate technology into the classroom.


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