Tech Task #7

I think some thing that create a great blog is clear information. Making the blog easy to navigate is also important. Blogs that include videos, pictures and updates about the class are also very good. It allows parents to see what their kids are doing. It is also great for parents who may not be able to come into the class, so a blog is a great way to keep students involved.

This blog is great! She has included writing from the students which I think is good and will help them learn about technology. There are many great aspects to her blog, such as videos of the students and postings about what they have done and learned.  This teacher has gotten her students to create blogs, which I think is a good way for students to share their learning and allow them to use technology in a productive way. Her blog is a great way for parents and relatives to see what the kids are doing and their productivity in the classroom.

This blog is the blog of the class I am doing my field experience with. The teacher has created a blog so the parents can see what they students are doing and any information the parents may need. I think this blog is great for keeping the parents involved. The parents are very involved at this school, so this blogs allows them to see what their kids are doing and anything the parents would want to know.


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