Response to: Blooms Digital Taxonomy

Blooms digital taxonomy are tools for teachers and instructional designers. It accounts for the new behaviours  actions and learning opportunities emerging as technology becomes more advanced. Blooms taxonomy is not about the technologies, instead it is about using technology to achieve, recall, understanding, application, analysis, evaluation and creativity. This article talks about how before we can understand a concept we have to remember it, understand it, be able to apply it, analyze it, and evaluate it. This is very true; technology advances very quickly so in order to teach it we must truly understand it. Understanding builds relationships and links knowledge. We must also understand how to apply different programs into teaching and how to use them in an informative way, such as blogging and advanced searching tools. I believe we need to have a true knowledge of the programs when applying them to the classroom; I think we need to know how to use these programs. However in some cases if you have questions regarding the use of advanced technology students can be very helpful to you and in some cases know how to use the programs better then the teacher. I believe this article is very informative and useful for understanding new ways to use technology.


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