Response to: Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge: A Framework for Teacher Knowledge

New technology is almost like a new language in classrooms. We need to learn how to use technology in order to appropriately incorporate technology into the classroom. The relationship between technology and teaching can transform teacher education, teacher training, and teacher’s professional development. There are many types of knowledge that teaching requires; historically teacher education has focuses on content based education. However, recently the focus has shifted to pedagogy, which emphasizes general pedagogical classroom practices. Different approaches toward teaching have emphasized either pedagogical or content knowledge, however recently the idea of connecting the two to become pedagogical content knowledge. The definition of content knowledge is the knowledge of the actual subject matter that is to be learned or taught. Pedagogical knowledge is the deep knowledge of the process, practices, and methods of teaching and learning and how it covers educational purposes, values and aims. Pedagogical Content Knowledge is concerned with the representation of concepts, pedagogical techniques of what makes concepts difficult or easy to learn. Technology Knowledge is about standard technologies. It is the manner, in which subject matter is transformed for teaching, this occurs when a teacher interprets the subject to make it accessible for learners. Good teaching requires knowledge of technology that will relate to pedagogy and content knowledge. Until recently technology had been addressed separately from pedagogical and content, but now it is being interpreted as one. Quality teaching requires developing an understanding of the relationship with technology, content, and pedagogy, and using this understanding to develop appropriate strategies and representations. Because teacher knowledge is so complex; it makes it extremely difficult to represent it with one framework or theory. Therefor a true knowledge is required in order to properly instruct a class using technology. I believe technology needs to be incorporated into the classroom, not only does it provide additional options for learning but it can also be very engaging and fun for the students. All kids use technology, so using it in a productive and educational way can be very beneficial for students in the classroom.


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